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We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

“ This visit was excellent. as soon as I called to let them know I was there,I didn’t have to wait. within 15 minutes I had a return call. the screening process was efficient and effective. I was then allowed to enter and my temp was immediately taken no waiting. I was placed in the exam room after taking my weight. The nurse immediately entered and Did what she needed to do. My doctor came in and did her assessment and exam she is awesome and I provided my list of items to discuss. I was not on any meds, but due to my doctor’s input I considered taking meds to help decrease my glucose levels to normal rates.”

“ Great experience with Dr. Berry. She listened to all of my concerns and took as much time as needed to give me meaningful feedback. She very thoroughly explained test results and addressed open issues.”​​​​​​​

Dr. Berry listened to my concerns, gave me feedback and offered the best solutions. I appreciate Dr. Berry not rushing me or talking over me. She made me feel like she cared about my health. She also made me feel like my care plan will be a team effort. Dr. Berry also had a good bedside manner and showed respect. She explained things to me and planned out the next course of action.”​​​​​​​

“ She was very open and receptive to all the questions I asked her. I have worked in healthcare for many years and she was so easy and compassionate to be of service!”​​​​​​​

“ Dr. Berry and her staff are professionals and are quite to respond to any of my queries. I get immediate responses to emails and phone calls.​​​​​​​”​​​​​​​

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