Triangle Pain Institute is dedicated to providing comprehensive advanced pain treatment for all acute and chronic pain.  The practice is managed by the founding member and sole practitioner Allyson Bryant, MD.

Dr. Bryant is a board certified pain physician who has experience and expertise in many areas including primary spine, joint pain, headaches, opioid management and fibromyalgia.


Conveniently located on Blue Ridge Rd we offer complete non-operative care for spine and joint pain including in-office fluoroscopically guided procedures.  Due to outpatient non-provider based status, we are able to provide outpatient pain care in a non-provider based setting which means one patient bill and lower cost than procedures performed in hospital provider based facility.  Procedures performed include epidural steroid injection, diagnostic nerve blocks, botox for migraines, platelet rich plasma injection,  radiofrequency ablation and spinal cord stimulator trials.